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Therapies available in Rayleigh

  • Initial 30 minute consultation £25

  • Individual face to face/Zoom/telephone counselling £60

  • Couples face to face/online/telephone counselling £75

  • Walking talking therapy £65

All sessions are 50 minutes long. Full information, including my address and payment details, will be sent in an email, once we have pencilled in a slot.  Sessions are confirmed once payment has been made.

Couple counselling

When working with a couple, I use Systemic theory.  This means I focus on the interactions and relationship between you as a couple.  This gives you both, the chance to discuss your thoughts and feelings, in a safe environment.  When we come together as a couple, we bring with us our ideas and experiences about what makes a relationship work.  Along with these thoughts, come entrenched patterns of behaving which often clash and cause conflict within the relationship.  We all have beliefs about our role within our relationship which sometimes, doesn’t match our partners.  Between us, we look at how these beliefs are impacting your relationship and how we can challenge and change these, in order to move on.  This type of therapy helps build stronger, more understanding ways of how to be part of a couple.  I can help you to understand your differences and what may be causing your problems. Systemic therapy can help to improve communication, build stronger relationships and enable you to move on from your problems.


More about walking/talking therapy 

Some people don't feel as comfortable sitting face to face in a counselling room as they do when in the outdoors walking, shoulder to shoulder.  Others just feel happier outdoors. Not only that, walking out in the countryside is a great way to relax.  Conversation will flow easily as we walk through Hockley Woods.  You can set the pace. 

Research has shown that walking boosts endorphins, which can reduce stress hormones and alleviate mild depression.  Regular exercise, through the production of feel good endorphins, can improve mood and self-esteem

Our first session will be in my therapy room.   During this session, I will collect your details and discuss if we feel we can work together.  If we are in agreement, we will arrange our next session outdoors. 

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Norman the dog is optional :-)

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