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Zoom sessions are the most similar to face to face.  We can see and hear each other on the computer screen, as if we were in the same room


We book our sessions at an agreed time each week.  I send you the link for you to connect to the session.

Reasons to choose Zoom for counselling​​​​


  • Feels most similar to in person counselling

  • You can log into your session from anywhere in the world.

  • Can use a computer/phone or tablet.

  • No travel time. 


Things to think about​​​


  • Confidentiality is important. Is there somewhere private you can go for the duration of our session?

  • Do you have a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone?

  • Do you have a good internet connection?


How do I book a Zoom Session?

STEP 1Click here to go to my bookings page.

STEP 2: Click on the “book a Zoom session.” I always recommend an introductory session first.  This is for thirty minutes.  A full session is fifty minutes.

STEP 3: select a day and time that suits you.  Only available slots will show.


STEP 4: I will send you an invite for our session on the day/time you have selected.  I will also send you an email detailing how to join the session.  A copy of my contract will also be sent.

STEP 5: If you would like to continue after our introductory session, you can book your future slots directly through me during our session.  Alternatively you can book directly though my website.

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